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Branch Manager - Community Branches/Adult Programming

Branch Manager - Community Branches/Adult Programming


Working Title: Manager, Community Branches/Adult Programming

(Librarian 3-4)

Reports to: Deputy Director

Salary Track: I - J

FLSA Status:  Exempt



Manages the operations of the Mini Branches and Library Expresses and also has District responsibility for adult programming. This position will provide connectivity for the smaller branches’ employees and communities. Responsible for branch staff, customer service issues, branch operations, collection management, facility maintenance and all community aspects in these areas. Position performs professional duties requiring the exercise of professional skill, initiative and independent judgment. Assignments are given in broad terms of general objectives and performed with administrative supervision only.



  1. Responsible for the overall operations of the Mini Branches and Library Expresses including management of all branch services and activities according to Library District policies.
  2. Coordinates the services and activities among the Minis and Expresses, and supervises all the associated branch staff.
  3. Directs the compiling of branch statistics to accurately represent branch activities.
  4. Travels to the Minis and Expresses on a regular schedule, and as needed, to personally observe and/or participate in branch operations.
  5. Serves as the liaison with all other Branches and Departments and attends Management and Board meetings.

Branch Maintenance:

  1. Coordinates the internal and external maintenance of the branch buildings and grounds to provide a safe, clean environment reporting any major concerns to the Administrative Offices.
  2. Responsible for the internal arrangement of the branch including functional floor plans, appropriate displays and signage.

Adult Collection Management:

  1. Serves as a liaison for the Minis and Expresses in the areas of material selection and collection development.
  2. Coordinates collection maintenance to generate space for new items and ensures that current, useful materials are available.


  1. Participates in developing and monitoring Mini and Express branch budgets including materials, equipment, IT, and personnel.
  2. Works with the appropriate General Administration personnel in bidding necessary items and services.
  3. Oversees expenditures and insures appropriate recording and handling of fines and fees.

Public Relations:

  1. Interprets and enforces Library District policies and procedures for Mini and Express customers and employees.
  2. Handles difficult customer issues or transactions as they occur.
  3. Serves as a liaison between the branch and the surrounding community participating in organizations and events, as needed.
  4. Works cooperatively with local customers and agencies in placing volunteers in useful positions in the branch.

Employee Development:

  1. Interviews, hires, trains, evaluates and manages Mini and Express branch employees, and volunteers, or delegates the responsibility as needed.
  2. Reviews employee performance and approves salary increases; interprets policy and procedures; and addresses disciplinary issues.
  3. Oversees the scheduling of staff for the Mini and Library Express branches.
  4. Informs branch staff of changes in library policies and procedures and serves as a liaison to District Administration.

District-Wide Activities:

  1. Coordinates adult programming District-wide and may include planning, organizing, and implementing.
  2. Coordinates with Children’s Resources and Marketing the marketing and promoting of adult library materials, services, and programs, both in the branches and in the community through presentations, talks, and branch tours.
  3. The Outreach Services responsibilities currently under the Deer Run Branch Manager may be phased into this position at a later date.


  1. Works at the Mini and/or Express Branches, as scheduling requires.
  2. Chairs or serves on committees and task forces within the District.
  3. Participates in local, state or national professional organizations.


Telephone, personal computer, fax, copier, and library automation system.


Required: Must have knowledge of the functions of public libraries; have excellent communication and organizational skills; have general computer literacy; and must be able to drive between branch locations in St. Charles County. Must have an accredited Masters in Library Science degree and at least 3 years experience in related areas and excellent customer service skills. Prior management or supervisory experience preferred.

Incumbent may be promoted by approval of a professional development plan according to the Dual Track Promotion Plan, Policy E084.

(Approved 10/9/06)