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Library Processor

Library Processor


Reports to: Manager of Technical Operations

Salary Track: Track A

FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt



Performs routine clerical and manual work necessary for daily operations in Technical Operations and the Administrative Offices. Responsibilities are to insure that materials are prepared, processed, repaired, and sorted correctly for delivery and use within the Library District. Also responsible for scanning items received and sent in and out of Technical Operation, filling reserves for the District and checking out materials to Technical Operations on the LISTEN 2000 System. Receives direction regarding priorities of the job and carries out tasks with a minimum of supervision.


  1. Prepares all library materials for use by the District, including applying labels, security   strips, mylars, albums or cases, comb-binding.
  2. Unpacks, packs, and moves boxes of materials and performs limited check-in of materials delivered from outside sources (UPS, RPS, semi-trucks, etc.)
  3. Sorts items received for delivery to data entry clerks daily.
  4. Sorts materials for delivery to branches several times daily.
  5. Scans all items received in or sent out of Technical Operations using the LISTEN 2000 System.
  6. Fills reserves, prints reserve wrappers, matches, sorts and sends materials to pick up branch using the LISTEN 2000 System.
  7. Keeps inventory of supplies for Technical Operations, requisitioning stock when appropriate.
  8. Prints labels for repaired items, and prints and copies reports using LISTEN 2000.
  9. Prepares mailings for Administrative Departments, including operating the postage meter and labeling machine. Overdue letters are processed weekly, mailings are at least quarterly and as needed.
  10. Changes status of materials in database and prepares lists including possible transfers, withdrawals, and transfers using LISTEN 2000.
  11. Places reserves on items needed for duplication using LISTEN 2000 system.
  12. Laminates forms and book covers, as needed.


  1. Sorts invoices for LIBRIS and performs other department clerical functions.
  2. Prepares duplicate bar codes upon request.
  3. Prepares duplicate book and spine labels upon request.
  4. Orders, receives, and reviews invoice for replacement audio media from outside vendors.
  5. Repairs, cleans, and inspects audio and video materials. Duplicates audio media when appropriate.
  6. Prepares A/V materials and list (using LISTEN 2000) to be sent to outside vendor for repair. Receives, checks and reprocesses or withdraws when returned.
  7. Assists Administrative staff with other clerical duties, as needed.
  8. May perform other projects as needed.


Book cart, security strip sensitizer, laminator, copier, postage meter, LISTEN 2000 PCs, Tape-check machine, VCR, audio tape duplicator, bar code duplicator, printers, CD player, telephones, labeler machine (used when doing mailings), comb binder, DVD player.


Must be at least 16 years old. Have good reading, communication and interpersonal skills. Be able to retain accuracy and neatness in repetitive tasks.

Also prefer library or related experience.

(Revised 10/09/00)