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Acceptable Use - Electronic Information Systems - Mo. Statutory Compliance

This policy is enacted to restrict minor from gaining computer access to material that is pornographic for minors in accordance with Sections 182.825 and 182.827, RSMo as expressed in Missouri 15 CSR 30-200.030 and 30-200-040, Public Access Computers in Public Libraries.

Definitions: Key terms are as defined in Section 182.825, RSMo.

Access to Inappropriate Material: All public access computers shall be equipped with software that limit minor’s ability to gain access to material that is pornographic for minors or purchase Internet connectivity from an Internet service provider that provides services limit access to material that is pornographic for minors.

It is the opinion of the Library District’s legal counsel that "tap on the shoulder" policies do not limit a minors ability to access pornographic sites by only control behavior after the fact, and that measures developed to restrict minors from gaining computer access to material that is pornographic for minors is not acceptable within the provisions of the above statue, making filtering of minors Internet access mandatory.

Statute and state regulations make no allowance for parental permission to use unfiltered computers, or allowing minors access to unfiltered computers when accompanied by parents.

Under provisions of Policy C024.4 – Acceptable Use – Electronic Information Systems – CIPA Compliance, adult customers may request that the filer on their computer be disabled. Ability to use unfiltered software shall not exempt adults from provisions of C024 Acceptable Use – Electronic Information Systems.

The District has complied with statute and regulation by adopting this policy with public hearing prior to December 31, 2002. Further modifications may be necessitated by public hearing o the state regulation which have been delayed until after the active date mandated by statute and regulation.

In using commercial filtering software, the District is making a best effort to comply with the statute and accompanying regulation. The District cannot guarantee that such software shall function to block all such offending materials.

(Revised 6/14/04)